What We Do

Since 1992, Bluebonnet Cut & Sew, LLC has been a sewing manufacturer for a range of sewn products. We deal with everything from prototyping to offshore production, including materials sourcing.


We believe successful products begins with well-conceived and constructed prototypes. Bluebonnet Cut & Sew, LLC, has wide-ranging experience with major companies such as Yeti, Dell, and Texas Instruments. We develop attractive and functional prototypes that often improve on the original concept.

Bluebonnet Cut & Sew, LLC

Austin Production

We can help you get your product to market quickly by providing expert design consulting, prototyping, small batching, and medium-scale production. Often, we can help you improve your product for more efficient production and greater utility. We'll even do rush jobs when you're in a bind.

Offshore Production

Coordinating production with Asian sources can be a daunting task even for large companies. Language problems and different cultural expectations often delay the prompt resolution of design and production issues. At Bluebonnet Cut & Sew, LLC, we facilitate clear understanding and communication on both ends of your U.S.-Vietnam supply line.

Bluebonnet Cut & Sew, LLC